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AGL Drone Services

Aerial Inspections and Documentation

AGL Drone Services offers an innovative approach to aerial inspections and documentation. We utilize cutting-edge panoramic media solutions and drone mapping capabilities to provide state-of-the-art products that deliver comprehensive and unparalleled information to our clients.

With our panoramic media solutions, clients engage in an immersive and interactive experience that allows them to thoroughly examine and analyze every aspect of their subject matter. Our advanced drone mapping technology captures high-quality images of the subject area, which we use to create detailed maps and models that provide amazing detail within the holistic view of the subject matter.

Our aerial solutions are well-suited for a diverse range of applications, and with our extensive experience, we consistently provide our clients with the ideal solution tailored to their specific needs.


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(970) 368-9772


(970) 368-9772

About Us

Ken Hanes is the founder and chief pilot of AGL Drone Services. He holds certifications as a Remote Pilot and Private Pilot. Since establishing AGL Drone Services in 2015, Ken has conducted drone operations in numerous states, providing services for various projects, including conservation easements, wind farms, construction sites, agricultural properties, and more. With hundreds of hours of flight time under his belt, Ken has maintained an impeccable safety record with no accidents or safety issues. Ken’s track record is a testament to our commitment to providing safe and reliable drone services to our clients.

Providing the right solution for the right problem is an essential aspect of any service-oriented business. We understand the importance of delivering tailored solutions that are specific to each client’s unique needs. By taking the time to listen and understand our client’s requirements, we are able to provide them with the most effective and efficient solution that addresses their specific challenges.