About Us

About Us

Our goal is to create new perspective for our clients using drone technologies. The products we provide certainly meet that goal, but what sets us apart is our philosophy, and approach to drone work. While we take great pride in the quality of product we deliver, our greater accomplishment is protecting the interests of our clients.

To that end, we’ve made compliance and safety the cornerstone of our business to ensure that we don’t put our clients at risk. We are members of UAS Professional Pilots, and all our pilots have been independently vetted to confirm their  FAA certification. We provide copies of license, registration, and insurance on request. Our clients can rest assured that they are hiring professionals that know how to turn out a great product with attention to all pertinent details.

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Three Things You Must Know About Drones!

AGL Drone Services makes safety and compliance their number one priority to protect the interests of their clients.

Here are three things to know before hiring any drone company.

    1. FAA certification is required for commercial drone operations.
    2. Drones require specific insurance because they are considered “aircraft”.
    3. The right drone contractor can reduce your liability risk.

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