Five Things You Must Know Before Hiring A Drone Company!

AGL Drone Services makes safety and compliance their number one priority to protect the interests of their clients. Here are our top five things to know before hiring any drone company.

  1. Drones can cause injury and property damage.
  2. The hiring entity may be liable when a drone incident occurs.
  3. FAA certification is required for commercial drone operations.
  4. Drones require specific insurance because they are considered “aircraft”.
  5. Each drone used for commercial operations must be registered with the FAA.

To minimize your liability risk, require proof of certification and insurance for the pilot doing the work. Click here to read the full post.


Some Of Our Recent Work

Orthomosaic Mapping

Orthomosaic maps are created from data flights that capture numerous images and their associated data. The images are processed post flight to produce a georeferenced map that is current to the day it was flown. Orthomosaic maps made with drones show great detail...
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Drone Services For Construction Projects

Although we offer valuable drone services for construction projects, many construction companies don't know what that means. Education is our biggest challenge, because when people think drones, they think pretty pictures... period. Here we will show an example of a...
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Drones Helping Homeowner Associations

Our aerial inspection services are showing homeowner associations the power of drone technology. These unique inspections provide a series of pictures taken at specified time intervals that give a comprehensive view and documentation of the inspection areas. Each...
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Aerial Discovery Using Drones

We recently chalked up a huge win in the category of "aerial discovery using drones". When we were contacted by one of the major general aviation manufacturers about helping them recover pieces of one of their crashed airplanes, we jumped at the opportunity. It was...
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CMHS Construction Update

A little live feed update of the Cheyenne Mountain High School remodel project.
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About Us

About Us

When we established AGL Drone Services, our goal was to create new perspective for our clients using drone technologies. The products we provide certainly meet that goal, but what sets us apart is our philosophy and approach to drone work. While we take great pride in the quality of product we deliver, our greater accomplishment is protecting the interests of our clients.

To that end, we’ve made compliance and safety the cornerstone of our business to ensure that we don’t put our clients at risk. In addition to FAA certification, drone registration, and proper insurance coverage, we know and obey all national, state, and local drone laws. We always check factors such as airspace and temporary flight restrictions, while taking every precaution to make safety the number one priority. Our clients can rest assured that they are hiring professionals that know how to turn out a great product with attention to all pertinent details.

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