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Distancing Solutions

Distancing solutions are nothing new to us because it’s something inherent in drone work . But the Coronavirus crisis has shown us the real value of social distancing. We are uniquely prepared to provide distancing solutions with absolutely no exposure risk to ourselves or others. We are excited to be able to bring this solution to assist companies in their time as this crisis dictates a new way of doing business.

When an inspection of a location is necessary, we travel to the site, thoroughly document it, and return without ever coming in contact with anyone. Remarkably, we still have the ability to get very close to the subject matter. By carefully planning our launch location and flight mission, we capture the required information from an appropriate altitude and deliver it electronically to the client. This approach prevents any face-to-face contact from start to finish and obeys the rules and recommendations set forth to combat the spread of the virus. 

Electronic deliverables allow unlimited distribution to interested parties no matter where they are in the world.


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In addition to the example shown below, we provide mapping solutions, video, and even live feeds from the drone to document the area of interest.