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Creating new perspective with drones really starts with a little education. It wasn’t that long ago that smart phones weren’t that smart, and people wondered why they would need a camera on a phone. At the time, it was hard to imagine a want, or a need, and even harder to imaging that “selfie” would be a word recognized and defined by Merriam Webster. But today, a camera-less cell phone might as well snuggle up with pagers, floppy disks, and dial-up internet connections. Drones are going through a similar time with acceptance, regulations, and understanding of capabilities.

The media has made hating drones almost as popular as hating Nickelback, so the focus is on what’s wrong with drones, instead of what’s right with them.  When drones are finally embraced, people will discover that they have the capability to change our lives…like cell phones did. Even now, we are changing things for our clients by offering services that are better, faster, and more affordable than their traditional counterparts. In addition, we produce products that have been historically unavailable and/or cost prohibitive.

  • Creating New Perspective With Drones

    Creating New Perspective With Drones – 10 Acre Ortho

    Orthomosaic Mapping

  • 3D Modeling and DEM (Digital Elevation Model)
  • Aerial Photography and Videography
  • Piloting Services
  • Live Video Streaming

These are some of the services we offer that are creating new perspective for companies when they use them for:

  • As-Built Documentation
  • Inspection Services
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Progressive Project Illustration
  • Commercial Property Needs
  • Marketing and Portfolio Materials

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. As the technology develops, applications for drones, new products, and better services will follow.

The question people are currently asking is “why would anyone need a drone?” In a few years, we’ll all be trying to remember what life was like without them, as we will reminisce about the antiquated “smart phones” that we actually had to operate with our hands. Geez!!

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