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Colorado Springs Drone Services!

Colorado Springs Drone Services

Colorado Springs Drone Services

Our Colorado Springs Drone Services are headed up by Ken Hanes. Ken is based in Colorado Springs and provides drone services for Colorado Springs and the surrounding areas. Ken specializes in construction projects using photography, video, and mapping solutions to provide comprehensive solutions to the construction industry. Although construction is his focus, Ken is versed in many drone related areas and is available to discuss your specific aerial needs.

Ken is FAA certified for commercial drone operations through his remote pilot certification, and puts the highest priority on flight safety and client asset protection. Many people are unaware of their potential liability associated with hiring a drone pilot that is not commercially qualified. We want to ensure that our clients have complete peace of mind when working with us.

Protecting Our Clients

While we take great pride in the quality of product we deliver, our greater accomplishment is protecting the interests of our clients. To that end, we’ve made compliance and safety the cornerstone of our business to ensure that we don’t put our clients at risk. In addition to FAA certification, drone registration, and proper insurance coverage, we know and obey all national, state, and local drone laws. We always check factors such as airspace and temporary flight restrictions, while taking every precaution to make safety the number one priority. Our clients can rest assured that they are hiring professionals that know how to turn out a great product with attention to all details involved.