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AGL Drone Services was established in 2015 to provide innovative drone solutions to the Colorado Springs area. Ken Hanes is the owner of the company and launched it with two drones, a private pilot certification, and a 333 exemption from the FAA which made him one of the few pilots in the state to be qualified to fly drones commercially. Ken has a bachelor of fine arts degree from Colorado State University and an extensive professional career in graphic design and web development which he utilizes to create many of the aerial solutions he delivers to clients. Currently, Ken is a certified remote pilot under the FAA’s part 107 rules and a Google Street View Trusted Photographer.

AGL Drone Services primarily provides aerial inspections and documentation for construction projects and legal matters but has done work with a wide variety of clients in many different industries over the years. Some highlights include finding pieces of a crashed airplane for the manufacturer, mapping mountain tops for a mining company, documenting current conditions on conservation easements all over Colorado, and inspecting hundreds of miles of trench lines for a national construction company.