Corporate Drone Policy


This document is a drone policy written for companies that do not fly drones as part of their business operations. We call it a “cover your assets” policy.



“In view of the rapidly expanding ownership of drones and the increase of their commercial and hobby uses, it is necessary that the Company establish and make known its position on the use of drones.”¬†

Drones are classified as aircraft, which presents many potential liability issues when they are flown “associated” with work. This policy aims to protect both the employee and the company from liability associated with the use of drones on company time and/or on company property. The document details a “no fly” policy for employees, and a drone contracting policy which specifies the requirements and procedures that contractors will follow.

Because the rules and regulations are so misunderstood, both policies are written in a way that educate the reader about the important issues that have corporate liability potential. They also clearly define procedures for contracting drone services to ensure that the contractor is qualified and is following the rules, which ultimately reduces liability issues for the company.

The content in the policy can be used in employee handbooks, in memos to employees, posted on a bulletin board, etc. Purchasing this policy provides a copyright license to the buyer for use by a single company. The copyrighted content may not be distributed outside the company or provided for use to other companies or individuals.