Inspection Services

Aerial inspection services are more than just an aerial view of the subject. Not only can drones easily get to those hard to reach places —  they see, record, and document their findings. Drones cover more area in less time, and deliver a superior product. Aerial inspection services have both residential and commercial applications, especially for frequent and repetitive inspection requirements.

Property Inspections

Many times it’s easier, faster, and more affordable to send up a drone. Residential and commercial property inspections with drones save time and money and give the big perspective, while providing incredible detail. Property inspections show the property structure and the surrounding area for a comprehensive look at the site. 


Documentation and Monitoring

Inspections using mapping services are perfect for documentation and monitoring of drainage, erosion, and other projects that cover a larger area and have the potential to change over time. Graphically viewing elevation data makes it easy to see drainage patterns or problems that are occurring when something is not working correctly. It can help identify possible problems, and a comparison of the models over time can show patterns or degradation that happens slowly.

Mapping services can produce an orthomosaic map and a 3D model. These are great tools for exploring the intimate details of the data, which is important when comparing the same site over a period of time. The EXIF (EXchangeable Image Format) data that is contained in the images we take on our flights can be further documentation of location, date, time, etc.

Area Inspections

Our flight altitude enables us to show great detail and a broad perspective at the same time. Ortho maps give a broad view of an area and provide easy area, distance, and volume calculations. Elevation data can be equally helpful to get a quick overview of the area’s highs and lows. The level of detail we can provide often shows things that are unknown or hidden, and are only revealed on close examination.

The area inspection shown in this example revealed a few surprises to the client. Nothing is visible from any of the ground level views from the surrounding roads. The broad overhead view does not instantly show anything unusual. However, by zooming into the inspection area, several camp sites can be seen. Knowing this information will help the client avoid potential problems at the time of construction.