Drones Construction Colorado SpringsAGL Drone Services is changing construction in Colorado Springs with drones. Drones have grabbed many headlines recently because the industry is starting to really “take off” thanks to rapidly changing technology and innovative applications for drones. While many companies are looking to compete with the standards that exist in the construction industry, we’ve taken a different approach. We provide the construction industry with a product and service that didn’t exist. Although data collection and photogrammetry are not new to the drone industry, we realized the application in as-built documentation, inspection services, and marketing.

The process starts with a flyover of the site, where we collect numerous pictures during the flight. The pictures are processed post-flight to provide the end products. While our deliverables look pretty, the value-add lies in what can’t be seen. EXIF data is embedded in each picture we take. This data is comprehensive and includes date, time, altitude, location, and more. The combination of visual and data documentation melded together provides the product that has proven to be so beneficial. The native files are archived as documentation, while the products made from them serve their own purpose.

Drones Construction Colorado SpringsThe ortho maps, digital elevation models, and 3D models that are created from the original data can serve many purposes in the construction industry. Measurements including distance, area, and volume can quickly be acquired using the maps. Because of our high quality cameras and low flight altitude, incredible detail can be seen for inspections of the site. Digital elevation models use color coding to give a quick look of the elevation changes over the entire site. And of course, any of the products can be used for marketing. Construction progression, especially from an aerial perspective, provides a “wow” factor and more completely illustrates the work being done. The combination of ortho maps and oblique aerial photos tells a detailed and illustrative story that ground level photos and construction cams can’t portray.

We’ve found that different construction companies have different wants and needs, but our approach has allowed us to satisfy requests, over deliver, and exceed expectations.

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