In December 2016, AGL Drone Services was featured in the Colorado Springs Gazette, in an article titled Growing recreational drone use giving rise to more rules, responsibility.

This article was generated after a panel of unmanned aircraft experts gathered this week at the Colorado Counties, Inc. winter conference to discuss current regulations and potential need for local guidelines as drones become more widely used. The general feeling shared by the panelists was that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) rules are enough, for now.

However, because small unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) are so readily available, the increase in recreational use could potentially lead to safety and trespassing concerns. Recreational users, companies, and the counties must constantly ask themselves questions like what can each drone do? What obstacles might be nearby? And who is at the controls?

Due to the fact that the¬†technology is so new and continues to evolve, education is of paramount importance. UAS operators need to make sure they self-educate before and during use. The FAA even offers a smart-phone app called “B4UFLY” to encourage location specific situational awareness and provide up-to-date local flight restrictions for model aircraft.

Ken Hanes, AGL Drone Services

Ken Hanes, AGL Drone Services

“Use them (drones), just make sure you do it right,” said Ken Hanes of AGL Drone Services.

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